Andrew Goss

Postcards from Pakistan

Pakistan is a land of contrasts, of fertile plains, deserts, jungles and mountains, stretching from the port

metropolis of Karachi on the Arabian Sea to majestic Himalayan peaks that rear up against the Chinese border

in the far north. Here is a sample of the landscapes and the peoples who populate the 'land of the pure'.

Above: A herder drives his goats to market; and right, Pathans of the Black Mountain had lost everything after the earthquake; far right, top, a tribal chieftain; and below, a little mountain girl covers herself in the presence of a Westerner.

Below: boats ferry valuable supplies across the mighty River Indus.

Top, left: Mountain men take in the beauty of a spring day; top, right, girls peep from their village home; above, left, mother and child; centre, the dry heat of Balochistan, and above, right, the precious gift of education.

Below: Chatting with youngsters under the welcome shade of a

tree in a village in Kala Dhaka, the

Black Mountain.